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Place Bolts

Vibrational loosening of fasteners over time poses significant risks and incurs unnecessary costs. Frequent bolt checks and re-tightening consume valuable time and financial resources. Hawthorne Bolt Work’s self-locking Place bolts offer a superior solution, resisting vibrational loosening up to 7 times more effectively than conventional hex head cap screws.

  • The combination of a recessed groove beneath the head and strategically positioned slots on the top allows the head to flex during tightening. This dynamic behaviour creates a spring-like action within the head.

  • Unlike standard Hex Head Cap Screws, our Place Bolts exhibit additional elastic elongation due to this spring action. This ensures optimal clamping force even under varying loads. They are heat treated to harden to Grade 8 Strength.


Flange Bolts

Introducing our durable and versatile Flange Bolts, designed to provide exceptional strength and stability for a wide range of applications.

  • These bolts feature a built-in washer-like flange beneath the bolt head, ensuring even distribution of load and preventing loosening due to vibration.

  • Crafted from premium materials, our Flange Bolts offer corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance, ideal for demanding industrial, automotive, and construction projects.


Clevis Pins

Clevis pins, also known as cotter pins or split pins, play a vital role in mechanical assemblies. These versatile pins connect components, provide stability, and allow for easy disassembly when needed.

  • The design features a cylindrical body with a hole drilled through one end, while the opposite end has a cross-drilled hole for securing with a cotter pin.

  • Clevis pins find applications in linkage systems, hitch pins, retaining pins, and adjustable connections. Whether you’re working on heavy machinery, structural components, or critical assemblies.

Special Head Bolts

Although Hex Head Bolts are the most commonly used bolts, at Hawthorne Bolts, we manufacture many different varieties of bolts with special heads. We offer a wide range of special head bolts in various shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes, providing reliable solutions for all your fastening needs.

Square Head Bolts:

With their distinctive square-shaped head providing ample gripping surface, these bolts offer exceptional stability and ease of tightening, even in challenging conditions. Perfect for heavy-duty applications where torque and durability are paramount, Square Head Bolts ensure a secure and reliable connection every time.

Carriage Bolts:

Carriage bolts, also known as coach bolts or round head square neck bolts, are designed for applications requiring a smooth, finished look combined with robust fastening capabilities. Featuring a domed or countersunk head and a square neck beneath, these bolts are specifically crafted to prevent rotation during installation, ensuring a secure and stable connection.

Rib Neck Bolts:

Rib Neck Bolts are engineered for applications requiring superior grip and stability. With their unique ribbed neck design, these bolts provide increased resistance to loosening, making them ideal for high-vibration environments. The ribs under the bolt head bite into the surface material, preventing rotation and ensuring a secure connection.


SEMS Bolts

SEMS bolts are a combination of a bolt and a permanently attached washer or set of washers. They are also known as captivated washers.

  • SEMS are engineered by integrating a bolt with a washer that remains securely affixed. This washer's stability is ensured during production by assembling it onto the bolt before thread rolling process.

  • Thanks to the expanded diameter resulting from thread rolling, the washer remains firmly in position, eliminating any risk of loosening or detachment from the bolt.

Bolts with Patches

Nylon patch screws are a type of fastener that combines the traditional benefits of screws with an additional nylon patch. Here are the key characteristics and benefits of nylon patch screws:

Enhanced Thread Locking:

  • The nylon patch acts as a locking mechanism, increasing the friction between the screw threads and the mating material. This prevents the screw from loosening over time due to vibrations or external forces.


  • Unlike traditional thread-locking methods (such as adhesives), nylon patch screws can be used multiple times without losing their locking ability.

  • The nylon patch remains effective for several uses, making these screws a cost-effective choice.

Special Bolts

At Hawthorne Bolts, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of high-quality bolts to meet a variety of needs. However, we understand that some projects may require specialized solutions not found in our standard product line.

  • We encourage you to reach out to us for custom or special bolts tailored to your unique requirements.

  • Our experienced team is dedicated to providing personalized service and expert guidance to help you find the perfect fastening solution for your specific application.

  • Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us help bring your vision to life with custom bolts crafted to your exact specifications.

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