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Transportation Industry

⦁ Specialized Bolts: Vehicles in the transportation industry often require larger, specialized bolts. 

⦁ Our bolts are designed to withstand the high stresses and vibrations associated with road travel and heavy loads
⦁ Quality Assurance: We ensure the highest quality of bolts by adhering to ISO 2009-2015 principles. This commitment ensures reliable and robust fasteners for transportation industry

⦁ Special Fasteners: Bolts play a critical role in construction, securely joining components. They come in various types of heads, including square head, hex head, carriage bolts, and heavy hex head
⦁ Special Coating: Corrosion of fasteners is a big challenge for the construction industry. We have various types of plating and coating available based on the different applications.

Construction Industry:

Infrastructure Industry:

⦁ Structural Hex Bolts: Heavy Hex Head fasteners are crucial for heavy-duty infrastructure projects. They provide higher strength and stability required for applications such as bridges, girders, and roads.
⦁ Made in America: Our bolts are proudly made right here in the USA. We manufacture fasteners from steel melted in the USA.

⦁ Standards: MIL-spec bolts adhere to specific military standards, ensuring their reliability and safety in mission critical applications. These standards cover material specifications, manufacturing processes, and quality control.
⦁ Certification: MIL-spec bolts undergo rigorous quality control processes to ensure precise dimensions and consistent performance.  We provide certification and full traceability for all the MIL-Spec bolts manufactured at Hawthorne Bolt Works.

Military (MIL-SPEC Bolts):

Industrial Equipment:

⦁ OEMs: We manufacture custom bolts to meet the stringent quality and quick turnaround time requirements of the OEMs. We work closely with the OEMs planning department to supply the fasteners to meet their production requirements.
⦁ Customization: We specialize in manufacturing customizing the bolts meet the specific needs of each OEMs such as custom Bolt Heads, Lengths, Material, Heat Treatment, Coating, and Patching etc.

⦁ Durability and Load Capacity: Bolts used for the material handling equipment are designed to withstand heavy loads and repetitive stress. We provide reliable fastening for conveyor systems, lifting machinery, and other industrial applications.
⦁ Precision and Consistency: Accurate dimensions are crucial for proper assembly and safe operation. Choose our fasteners that meet industry standards and undergo rigorous quality control processes.

Packaging & Material Handling:

Marine and Offshore:

⦁ Corrosion Resistance: We manufacture bolts with special protective coatings and/or materials to resist corrosion. In marine environments where exposure to seawater and salt-laden air is common, corrosion-resistant bolts are essential.
⦁ We manufacture Hex Head Bolts, Carriage Bolts, Low Profile Round Head Bolts for Marine and Offshore applications.

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