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Hawthorne Bolt Works

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Secure your business with our custom Fasteners

About Us

Hawthorne Bolt Works has been proudly manufacturing in the USA for over 2 decades. Our team comprises experts who have industry experience of 20 to 50 years – a good mix of youth and experience.

Hawthorne Bolt Works has built a solid reputation with its demanding customers and is known for its:

Rapid Turnaround - Ability to Quickly Manufacture Special Fasteners:​

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  • Deliveries within ~ 6 weeks for most orders and shorter in some

  • Responsive Team with speed & customer satisfaction built into their DNA

  • Trusted and reliable partners for tooling and die development

  • Flexibility to choose among different plating shops depending on the load  

Small Volume, Wide Range, Big Impact - Openness to take up Small Volume Production Runs:

  • Flexible Manufacturing Processes allows for Efficient Production of Small Batch Sizes

  • Sturdy Equipment & Precision Tooling ensure Quality & Precision in Every Piece

  • Range of products from 1/8” to 5/8” or M5 to M14

  • Diverse Material Options from low Carbon to High Strength to Stainless Steels

Customer Orientation – Technical Support & Customized Solutions:

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  • Specialized fasteners for niche applications

  • Customized components for a prototype

  • Skilled engineers and craftsmen work closely with customer to develop solutions required by our customers​

  • Developing Fasteners for Demanding Environments including Military, Industrial Machinery, Off-highway and agricultural machinery, Packaging & Material Handling Applications

Process Focus - Quality You Can Trust:

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  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Processes ensure consistency

  • DSCP/QLSM Approved Fastener Supplier to the US Military establishes our credential as a manufacturer meeting stringent norms

  • Third party test certifications give confidence in the integrity and reliability of our products.

Secure Your Business with Strong Bolts and Nut

Core Values

• Integrity

• Customer-Certric

• Agility

• Passion

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